Ortex Industries also enhances Quality of Life through its Unique Compensation Plan.
Ortex Industries Compensation Plan is hybrid powerful and generous & guarantees a maximum pay out of total company’s business. We offer the opportunity to make immediate to earn substantial long-term residual “Everlasting Wealth”.
Matching Incentive
Retail Incentive
Promotion Incentive
Repurchase Incentive
and Company Turn over Incentive
award and rewards etc.
Everlasting Wealth comes from Generation.
Ortex Industries provides significant financial incentives for our Direct Sellers who demonstrate their ability to produce results.
Ortex Industries pays commissions on weekly basis to provide immediate cash-flow to our Direct Sellers.
One can participate in Ortex Industries business without entry fee or Registration Fee & Renewal Fees.


Before the advent of Ortex Superfood supplement appreciable amount of time and effort has been invested to assess the current market requirements in the present scenario.
For any product to create an impact in the market, the basic fundamental requirement is it’s time of launch and affordable pricing which can cater to all the segments in the society.
We provide you with world class exclusive products, expert training resources and pro-marketing materials to build your business on your terms.
Whether you are looking to earn part-time Incentive to grow your operations on our global platform, Ortex Industries provides a lucrative business opportunity for one and all.
• Free ID registration / sign up system.
• ID activation on any product purchase.
• Compulsory repurchase to earn eligible Incentives.
• No Renewal fees to earn eligible Incentives.
• Simple Rank Qualification • Simple to understand Marketing Plan.

Ortex Industries has wonderful different mode of Incentive Matching Incentive,
Retail Incentive
Promotion Incentive
Repurchase Incentive
Company Turn over Incentive
Awards and Rewards

Ortex Industries provides a unique kind of development which not only enhances the knowledge of a direct seller for his better performance in market arena, but also gives him a financial edge, not only for an individual but also for the entire team at large. Development is broadly classified as:


This is going to be the most exciting part of Ortex Industries Leadership candidature from various parts of a particular region will have an opportunity to come under the same roof once in every months.
This will an excellent opportunity to learn latest leadership modules of current industry scenario.
The training program along with fun and frolic will be the best in the industry, imparted by the best of the best wellness industry trainers.
The selection of the leadership program destinations will be region specific and it will be the sole discretion of the company.